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Website stats provide important information to a website owner about how the site is doing and how many people visit. The code for a counter varies depending on the programming language used and the amount of information you want the counter to collect. The counter stores the hit totals in a MySQL database. It is set to start at 1, and the count increases by one each time the file is called.

This process is accomplished with this PHP code:. This simple hit counter doesn't give the website owner valuable information such as whether the visitor is a repeat visitor or a first-time visitor, the location of the visitor, which page was visited, or how much time the visitor spent on the page.

For that, a more sophisticated analytics program is necessary. Wanting to know the number of people who visit your site makes sense. Share Flipboard Email. Angela Bradley.

Computer Science Expert. Angela Bradley is a web designer and programming expert with over 15 years of experience. An expert in iOS software design and development, she specializes in building technical hybrid platforms. Updated January 16, To get started, create a table to hold the counter statistics. Customize the database, table, and code to include other information Hold the counter in a separate file and retrieve it using include Format the counter text using regular HTML around the include function Create different rows on the counter table for additional pages on your website.Watch in real time as visitors navigate through your website.

Are they flowing through your site the way you expect? How well are they interacting with your content? Visitor paths gives you the insights you need to quickly detect problems you would otherwise miss with regular analytics. See their location, IP address, browser, system stats, number of visits and much more.

Identify sales leads, return visitors, click fraudstersnuisance visitors and bots from the forensic level of detail available for each visitor. All rights reserved.

hits counter

See the entire journey your visitors are taking through your website. Watch a live feed of your visitors as they land on your website. Works on your favourite platforms. Follow our step by step installation guides for over 70 platforms. Trusted on over 2 Million websites. Our sales team have a clear picture of each lead before we even make contact. Karolina Scioblowska. If you have a gut feeling, you test it, and then the data better back it up to be able to continue doing it.

For this, I absolutely love Statcounter. Andi Lucas. Try Statcounter free for 30 days No Credit Card required. Downgrade to the free plan anytime.Our website counters and statistics counters are provided free of charge, we do not require your email or any personal information and you can signup with our services in less then a minute.

Just choose the counter style, provide us the start count and that's it. Your counter code will be generated upon clicking the submit button. Gone are the days when you needed to print out photos and put them in albums; now is the time for online data storage. You can store millions of your photos on Google Photos and preserve a lifetime of memories, without spending a single penny.

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Browsers give an option to clear history which gives people the freedom to search whatever they want. The average internet user wants greater liberty to be able to restrict some information from websites. Choose The Counters. Hit Counter.This is a totally free solution that you can benefit even if you are not one of our customers. Since more than 18 years, WebsiteOut offers quality web solutions to webmasters, website designers, bloggers, and Internet professionals.

Our hit counters are:. Our counters do not require any registration or email sign up. They are very easy to install, in only 4 steps:. Free Web Counter. They are very easy to install, in only 4 steps: 1. For example: - a counter with 6 digits will look like this: - a counter with 8 digits will look like this: - a counter with unset number of digits will automatically adjust its length and will look like this: Initial value:.

This is the starting value of your counter. For example, enter if you think your website has already received visits. Count every hit standard mode.

hits counter

In this case, your counter will increment by 1 each time someone visits your web page, even if this person has already visited your site or blog in the past.

If someone refresh your page 3 times, the counter will increment by 3. Count unique visitors only. Each visitor will be counted only one time. If the same person visits your website or blog several times, he will be counted only one time.Learn something new every day More Info A hit counter is a piece of code embedded in a web page which tracks visitors. Hit counters vary in complexity from simple versions which merely tell the web master that someone has visited, to complex ones which track a user's progress through a website and supply supplemental information, such as where a visitor comes from.

Most web pages have hit counters installed, so that the owners can see how popular the site is, and how users are reaching the site. A hit counter can also be used to see how navigable a site is, and to determine which areas of the site are most popular. Most hit counters will tell the web master what the IP address of each visitor is. Using the IP address, the web master can see what part of the world a visitor is coming from, and in some cases may be able to identify which service provider the guest is using.

In addition, a hit counter usually supplies information about the site or search which led the visitor to the site. All of this information is available in an administrative area in the form of statistics which the web master can view. As a general rule, this information is not displayed on the site, out of concerns for security. On a site, a hit counter can take a number of formats. Many hit counters are entirely invisible. Visitors do not know that the hit counter is there, although the hit counter tracks them.

Other hit counters take a more visible form. Many websites, for example, keep a running total of visitors to the main site, as this is a matter of interest to some people. In other cases, a more complex hit counter might display hits overlain on a map, so that visitors can see where other visitors are from. Some sites also keep a running list of recent referrals, showing how people found the site.

Many people with personal web sites want to obtain a hit counter so that they can see how popular the site is. A number of companies create free hit counters for this very purpose. However, use caution.

First, determine whether you want a hit counter to be visible or invisible. If visible, find out what kind of displays the company offers you, as you may not find them visually appealing. Some of these companies also embed malicious code or cookies in their hit counter code, so read the terms of service carefully to determine how the data you collect will be used.

hits counter

Thanks for the above information.We have dozens of different styles to choose from. Our counters work on all blogs and self-help websites, such as blogger blogspotwordpress, tumblr, wix, webnode, hubpages and so on.

Are your website counters free to use? Yes, our website counters are completely free to use. We do however ask that you do not alter the code as this contains a little link back to our website. How do I create a counter? Just fill out a simple form above then place the HTML code on your web page. The counter HTML is formatted in a way that it can be placed anywhere on your webpage, however we recommend placing it at the bottom of your webpage.

Can I use more than one counter? Yes, you can use as many counters as you need. Can I remove the sponsor link? The sponsors are the reason we can run this free service and provide such a fast trouble free counter.

Please do not modify your sponsor link or text.

What is a Hit Counter?

However, if you insist, please do not modify the text or destination of your sponsor link or make it invisible. How come my Counter displays 'no work' on it? It means you have violated our terms of use and your counter has been disabled. Most likely you have removed the link to our sponsor or changed the link to our sponsor to go somewhere else. If you would like a new counter you can request a new counter using the signup form. Number of Digits: 1 02 Welcome to freecountercode. Our site is the most widely used internet counter worldwide.

Hit tracking made easy with our free counter code. It is simple and absolutely free for your blog and website needs. We have tracked over million visitors and created overcounters worldwide. We are fast and efficient with just a small Javascript code implementation. The hit counter is a must if you are running a website or a blog. If you want to know the number of visits your site receives every day, get your code for free and be able to accurately measure the frequency of visitor views on your website.

Installation only takes a few seconds. Hit counters are displayed on your homepage and are made hit counters to be public. Hit counters can also be graphically altered to fit in your site with many scripts available and be downloaded at your convenience. The counters are delivered to you in a default font and can accept any styles of your website.

There are many styles to choose from and the maximum digits can be up to nine.

How to add website visitor counter to your wordpress website/blog

You can freely choose any color and style that suit your taste. It is designed primarily to be placed in websites, homepages, and blogs. It allows you to monitor each visitor and trace website traffic. This will also make you view the number of visitors browsing your site in real time.

Understand your visitors the easy way.

Access to hourly, daily, monthly and yearly statistics is assured for you to see which time of the day are usually most busy for your website. Our hit tracking service is available for websites that are personal and non-profit websites. Commercial sites can also avail of our free service. However, it will not be accessible by email marketers, spammers, porn sites and other websites with extremely high traffic volumes.

Using our free counter is made easy. Just copy the javascript code and install in your webpage. This will then our servers will automatically log hits and unique visits whenever a person browses the site. Remember, our free counters are not made to be invisible.

Hit Counter

A display of an ad under each counter is always visible. But for paid counters, clients can change each style and choose a wide variety of colors for their site background. Every upgrade feature is made affordable to be able to remove the link and ads whenever possible. Invisible tracker mode can be availed via subscriptions. Just a simple reminder, do not alter the web counter code to avoid any disruptions.

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